Running maniac

Since Thursday I have run 3 times and racked up some pretty good mileage.

Thursday for some reason I was wide awake at 6am, so I literally laied bored in bed until the sun rose then so did I. Got dressed in my running gear and headed on out. I wasn't really sure where I would run or how far.. guess what!!?? I ended up running 6.5 miles with the shortest walking break. I didn't make any record timing, thats for sure BUT I ran 6.5 miles AND made it up a hill that has kind of intimidated me since we moved here about a year and a half ago. It's not that it is some super tall hill, no, just a really extended one that kicks your butt. I really hate it and still didn't make it ALL the way without any stopping but I did make it to the first light at the top. From there is just keeps going a little further until you feel like you are going do die (even more). Some other day I will conquer that part, but now that I know I can make it THIS far it shouldn't be too terrible right?? I had already run 3.47 miles and after my short walk break (maybe .10 mile) I chugged along for another 3 miles. Who knew!
This picture is... beforer I left (I think?) on Thursday. Like my home-made headwrap?? I was kind of sick of using hubbys 180 ear muffs because they almost get TOO warm (..I sweat too much) bit still needed something on my ears. I literally cut up an old Old Navy tee that got a little too worn for regular use- stretched it out and tied it aroud my head. Worked perfectly. Now this isn't to say it will ALWAYS be warm enough, but it sure was nice to not spend any money on something for once.

Yesterday was pretty nice and I ran just an easy 3 miles. Today was beautiful (except when you turned a corner and got smacked in the face with wind!) and I ran in shorts and a CuddleDuds Active top.. I discovered these a while ago and they were on sale the day after Christmas so I treated myself to TWO. I love the thumb holes cut out and I am so obsessed with these shirts for running this time of year.

This is just a picture along the river that I sometimes run by.. Beautiful.. clear wonderful skies RIGHT??


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