yoga and winter running

Hello fit friends! I hope you are all staying warmer than I am in this crazy cold.. real live winter.I am really trying my best, but when you hate socks and shoes (except the running variety) and large coats, this is a small challenge. Despite the cold I have been keeping active. The link I am sharing is an awesome yoga video done by Jillian Michaels of all people that I totally loved doing. Yoga with Jillian Michaels. Oh boy was it a nice sweaty workout just like I love.
Yesterday in all my insanity I went for a run in the 12 degree weather. Yes, I just said 12. Here is a little peek at (most of) what I wore.

So here's the lineup, winter running pants by Reebok, fab Cuddleduds- leggings and active top complete with three ever so wonderful thumb holes, sports bra from Victoria's Secret that they sadly no longer make. I also threw on a track jacket, socks, my book made headwrap and some cheapo gloves. This totally did the trick.

This little picture is my trick to keep my ankles from getting frozen. I am not sure if this is something I should be able to do or if I am just so darn short that I can. Either way, its a cool trick. Tomorrow is some treadmill work so I will be back to share my adventure with you and report on how it goes. Have a wonderful night :)


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