And its snowing again...

 First and foremost I am soooooo excited for the color run- yes so excited I signed up the day it OPENED!!! I really wanted to do this last year and just wasn't on the ball about it. I never recieved any information on when the race I wanted opened up (last year we were gunning for DC) and by the time I looked back it was closed. This year I was NOT missing out so I created a team and signed right on up. Is it too early to be THIS excited? Yes, it really is. Why?

The answer is because I have this race FIRST. I have mentioned in a previous post that I am running for Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team in Training. I am participating in a 10k in Hershey PA in honor of a classmate who was diagnosed Christmas day 2012. She was just recently released home and is hopeful of news of remission very soon. She has been fighting a really hard battle and I admire her. You can donate and support me and the team Kicking cancer's butt one step at a time 

Speaking of here is the run from Saturday- a good 7.3 miler. We can't run with ear-buds which at first was a serious stab to my heart.. but oh my goodness it is SO fun to talk to the people you are running with. This group is filled with amazing people with amazing stories about why they joined TNT.Everyone is so passionate and dedicated, that you forget you aren't listening to any music. They cheer you on and lift you up.

Unfortunately, I had to RUSH off after my run instead of chit chat a little more because Saturday was ALSO the bridal shower for a good friend who is getting married next month. Regardless, the run was amazing- great scenery, fresh air and great company. So glad I chose to take part of this endevour.

After the shower, I went back to my parent's for a while and ended up going to Michaels in search for something on the crafty side of life- which was a FAIL. We then hopped over to target and my little heart jumped for joy. No friends, I am not kidding you. I wanted to look for clearance winter running items (per advice of a TNT mate) and found that little black hat on clearance for 4.48 from 14.00- YES PLEASE!!! Then we marched on to the bulk area where there was a little section of mark downs as well- 2 yoga blocks for 8.98 from 17.99. Funny since one block is usually 9.99. Mom also got a 3 pack of yoga socks for about 10 bucks, half off too I think. You could say our days were made.

Yesterday was pretty rough. We lost power in the middle of the night 2:30am to be exact and I was awoken by the dead silence. Weird right? Anyway we had no power for about 3 hours, which meant dead silence in the house but not in my brain where thoughts began to SPIN!!! I was worried about what would happen if the outage lasted too long and whether I would get my run in in the morning. Needless to say, I was stinkin tired but I got up and went anyway. When I got home I tried something new with my planks- single arm side planks and I finally looked up to see what these russian twists were everyone talked about.. and DID THEM!! That burned so good.

I didn't make it up for a run this morning. I just couldn't do it. I didn't sleep well again last night and figured I would at least rest a little and then switch up today and tomorrow's workouts. Tonight will be some crosstraining and tomorrow morning I shall run. It'll be more fun that way anyway- especially if this silly snow sticks around :) Don't read to far into that. This doesn't mean I am super excited about the snow.... I would die for a nice warm spring sunny day day run.


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