Back to basics

I am not a perfect eater and I don't eat clean or in an alternate diet of any sort.   I do, however, try to eat my best when I possibly can. This time of year is notortiously hard for me thanks to cold weather, and the lack of cheap wonderful farmers market produce. I realize I could still purchase good foods in the supermarket this time of year, but lets face it,        this is most certainly not in my budget. Maybe someday, but not now. So that being said I eat as healthy as I can on a budget and with limited time. Last night I finally had some time (after my workout of course) to make dinner, lunch for today, dinner for today and lunch for Friday. Using salmon, tuna, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, and quinoa I know those 4 meals are great and healthier than microwave meals I fall back on when there are no leftovers in my fridge.

While the quinoa was in the rice cooker, I did my plankaday and some cardio with bodyrocktv. Wasn't as good at the cardio as usual, but that was probably related to not sleeping well last night and maybe hydration level. 

I printed a few treadmill workouts to kick some butt with later today, and need to combine with some strength training. You bet I will be back Friday to share. My schedule will be switched a little this week because I will be babysitting for a family all weekend and will have no relief to go for a long run. This will happen Friday instead.. stay tuned :) 

I hope you are all having a wonderfully fit week!


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