Freezing Wednesday

So I don't know where everyone lives, but where I do it is COLD. And I don't just mean cold, I mean COLD AND WINDY!! Either way, yesterday I set out to run and that is exactly what I did.

I am ever so thankful for Target's winter runner gear markdown that allowed me to have a nice (not too)warm hat for this run. I think I might have frozen to death.

So the dinner picture it whole grain pasta, mukamame, 1/2 avocado, some garlic, and ground venison. I did squirt a little lemon juice in the veggies while cooking, can't really taste it, but the whole dish was DELISH!

Tonight is treadmill night and some strength training at the work is all for my April LLS Team in Training run. I mean I should be doing it anyway and hopefully it keeps me in the habit of doing more strength training.

Speaking of LLS TNT, here is our runners pic from last weekend.. I recieved it in email and totally forgot to post.

I love all of our bright colors :) I guess we all needed some bright colors with all these dreary winter days!


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