Insane HIIT Tabata

Since I scheduled hubby and I's dental appointments for this morning, that meant no morning run for me (well, I could have it just would have been uber early). I decided I would try out this crazy HIIT Tabata workout tonight instead.

Seriously guys, this is ROUGH. She challenges you to do 24 rounds and I did 13. Partially because I didn't want to overdo it and partially because I accidently closed the video at round 10 and I constantly had trouble getting it to stay loaded correctly after that. I will tell you that everything burns and is already sore.  All I can say, as usual with these videos is WOWZA.  I even skipped my planks and russain twists tonight because I think I put my core and legs and arms through enough for one night.

I also had a simply delicious easy dinner fave of mine- grilled cheese with avo and tomato
Isn't it pretty???

It might not have been as perfect as a regularly cooked meal with all the nutritional pieces, but it was oat bread and so pretty delish fruits (I guess thats what they are??)

How was your Monday fitness??? Did you make it for a run? Did you meet a new goal?

See you all tomorrow after my run and I will be back at it with planks and russain twists. No excuses :)


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