Limits only limit.... you

Today I got up early thinking it would give me some time to go on a little longer a run than 3 miles. Little did I know how great it really would be.

I started out, determined to finish a route that is a big challenge because of the hills, but especially one. I have gotten up the worst part before, just once, but never was able to continue without taking a short walk break. Well, until today. I was seriously so proud of myself for making it. Seems silly but, is a huge accomplishment.  I think anyone who has ever pushed themselves beyond what they thought was their limit, can understand.

I wish I could remember to take pictures on my runs- especially when I run by the river... like I did today. I was too focused and determined on making my goal that I was all business. This isn't to say I didn't enjoy myself 100% on this run, just didn't stop. Plain and simple.

Either way, as usual, here is a little summary of my day

I completed my planks (side and 2 armed) as well as my twists (hurts so good), a great yoga video

This felt so good after the tightness of the running and of the day. After that I enjoyed some home-made hummus that I whipped up when I got home. It was supposed to be with CUCUMBER, but apparently mine went bad. Good thing I didn't pay too much for the darned thing.

What about you, how was your Tuesday??


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