Multi-day Update

It has been a busy & productive few days since my last post.

Thursday I completed a pretty crazy treadmill workout- kind of a rendition of the Cardio Cliff  I shared last week as my treadmill workout. I have officially decided to make sure I do treadmill work on Thursdays after work. As much as I initally dread it, it kind of excites me that I can control my speed better and work on increasing my speed overall. It also makes me feel so great at the end of the workout! Needless to say, I have now completed two weeks of this and am starting to notice a difference. After I did my treadmill workout, I went home and did my #plankaday and held out for 3:46.1.

Friday was my rest day- from everything! I mean it. I didn't run or workout of any kind. Not even my plankaday!

Saturday I surprised myself and ran 9 miles! This is actually part of something else which I will talk more about tomorrow :) I was so impressed that I hung in there, considering those I was running with are training for a half marathon!! I surprised myself and everyone else I think.I did do my plankaday, but split into 2 tries. I think my body had had enough after that run, but I didn't really care. My times were 2:04.3 and 2:05.4. I was really bad and had a double cheese burger and fries at Wendy's for dinner but it was OH SO GOOD! I rarely eat food out like that but it really hit the spot. I do not claim to be perfect or perfectly healthy and this is your proof that I am a real person!! HAHA. I came home and really did pretty much nothing the rest of the evening and allowed my legs to rest.

I did treat myself to a new pack of ankle compression socks and an awesome leg massager as kind of a "GO ME" for my run on Saturday so Saturday evening after eating my bad food- I massaged my legs and they thanked me!!

Sunday I completed a 3 mile run and about half mile walk to coold down while somedelish crock-pot mac and cheese was cooking for a late lunch. Again, not really the healthiest, but made with lowfat milk and margerine instead of the really bad stuff. And it tasted OH SO GOOD after running 3 miles in the chilly snowy weather. I did also complete my plankaday for a grand total of 4:00.5- it was SO TOUGH!! I had to arch up for a couple of seconds in there to recoup quickly but never let myself down. WOW.

That is my fit weekend in a nut-shell. Tonight will be some yoga to give myself a little break and help stretch out my well used legs and body.

Happy Monday and I hope you all had a great weekend!


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