Pre-valentines workouts

So I mis-spoke on my last post with where I was in my plank a days- so this is the correct count. OOPS! This is why you don't get behind in posting because you get confused. Also, to make sure you save the photos with the writing on and not just upload them to instagram. Good grief.

Anyway, I had a nice morning run Tuesday- a little longer than expected, barely made it to work on time but I did it. Yesterday morning I also squeezed in a nice 3 miler and after work came home to eat dinner from my crock pot- deer steak... yum!! Haven't had any in a while and hubby isnt a huge fan so I made one for dinner and the other is for lunch today. For my side, I made some new potatoes and green beans. What a yummy dinner and I had a good bit of time in my evening to catch up on other things like finish laundry and unload the dishwasher- fun stuff right?!?

Before settling in for the night, I made sure to do my #plankaday Day 14 as well as 15 burpees per a challenge on facebook by Run with Jess.

There you have it!! Tonight- interval treadmill training... here goes!!


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