So little time!!

Please don't confuse my silence with laziness or lack of activity. I did take Friday totally off, and Saturday did a plank only, Sunday ran only, and Monday I worked on some yoga stretching and did my plank. The weekend was really busy with babysitting 3 kiddos for the entirety.

I was up early Saturday and although this would normally have been a long run day for me, there was no such possibility this weekend. I did somehow manage to squeeze out a plank at the end of this long-long day though.

Not too bad for being TOTALLY and I mean TOT.AL.LY exhausted. Functioning for an entire day on only a few hours of sleep was pretty rough, but I knew I'd be mad if I didn't do it. I used yoga blocks at the house I was staying at to give my poor elbows a break. At home, I usually fold my yoga mat a few times to give me some support otherwise it hurts pretty bad when I am done. It was still just as hard to hold! This is day # 12

This is my nice run on Sunday. The kids were dropped off at their Sunday School classes and I parked at the high school in town and just ran my little heart out.. of course losing my bearings and relying on my GPS to get me back to where I started. Thankfully I had enough time to not only make it to my car, but get to Turkey Hill for water and coffee before getting the kiddos. As I said, Sunday I did not make it to a plank. Lots of other crazy things happened between the run and my return back to my house and I was lucky to eat dinner and change my clothes before passing out at about 10:30pm (WAY EARLY for me)

Monday I slept late because my body really needed to recoup in so many ways. I knew it wasn't a run day anyway and that I would do my workout in the evening. I decided on some yoga and stumbled upon this video. I liked the stretching and will definitely remember it for a later date. Prior to that I did do my plank (and so glad.. I never would have held for as long AFTER this video

So this is day #13. I never let myself fall below the day before. This is kind of like my running where I can't run less than 3 miles.. ever, really. Its like an obsession- but yet not really I guess. Either way, thats my motivation. Even if it is just a second more, I feel like I did a great job.

Here is this morning's run. I did something different and ran on the other side of town. Although this definitely spiced things up a bit, I again lost my bearings, went too far down the (wrong way) one street and ended up a little further out of the way than intended. That being said, my phone also froze up- either the phone or APP, both sad. So this distance was more like 4.5 miles or more. Barely made it back in time to shower and do the minimal things I needed to before work. Grabbed a piece of PB toast and some milk for the car and rushed to work. I MADE IT!- barely, but I did. Thank goodness. Tonight is day #13 of the plank a day and tomorrow morning will be another run.. maybe even a snowy one?!?


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