Treadmill Thursday

Once again the Treadmill Thursday has come around. I am beginning to dread it less. The only thing about yesterday is that I forgot my break-down sheet so I quickly had to come up with another one. Thanks to the dear internet, there is never a shortage of them. I have been trying to pick ones that involve an incline to get even more benefit out of it. This one was pretty tough at times and not tough enough at others.. aka the 5.0 mph. Either way, it was a decent workout as I was sweating buckets at the end.

It was also kind of weird for me that there was no set pace for Part c- but I did a 5.0 jog and a 6.0 sprint pace. I really could have gone a little harder on that, but I didn't really want to hurt myself, haha. Next time I will push harder, I swear. My calves were so tight from my bitter cold run Wednesday that I didn't want to push it too far.

My lovely instragram mix to show the day's accomplishments. I did 1 minute side planks on each side, 2 minute regular plank on both arms, 100 russain twists with 5lb weight, and 50 squats and 20 mountain climbers. Not too shabby for a cold Thursday evening indoor workout. For dinner I went back to this paleo crockpot recipe I tried a while ago ( I will have to look up the site again so I can post it ) where it is just pork tenderloin, apples, some cinnamon, honey.. yea I think thats about it. This one got a little weird because I didn't have any plan tenderloins, and this one had a bbq marinade on it already. But the taste was still good. I made some steamed potatose to go with it. Not too bad for a quick dinner with some leftovers.

Today is a rest day and I had a million things to do this morning- including fold and get everything ready for my LLS- team in training fundraising to make sure the letters get mailed out today or tomorrow. Also was organizing some things for my Mary Kay Party tonight for my neighbor. She wanted a glam party so lipsticks, eyeshadows etc galore tonight :)

Saturday will be our long run- which I am hoping and praying doesn't get rain/snowed/iced out. Darn you winter. I really enjoy and look forward to these runs with people from all different backgrounds both running and life. So inspiring and eye-opening that life is so short and precious...

Happy Friday!!


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