Tuesday Hiit workout

Tuesday morning I was a bad lady and kept snoozing and resetting my alarm. Monday's power outage really screwed with me. Even though I rallied and made it out Monday morning, Tuesday I was not quite as eager or motivated. I decided it was ok and that I would just switch my cross train day to Tuesday and run Wednesday morning instead. No big deal. The only tricky thing was that Tuesday's are late nights for me and I didn't get home until almost 9:30pm. I knew I needed something QUICK but a really good sweat. Where else do I do turn but Body Rock TV. I have posted this video before (I think) and it is a really hard one that might have you crying or your body screaming to STOP.. but keep going. Some days it is easier than others... but definitely NOT easy. I was DRIPPING sweat after this 12 minute workout. LIKE WOAH!!!

I continued with my one sided planks- even though this was quite a struggle after my 12 minute workout. I actually adapted them to be on my lower arm because the regular ones were just straining my little wrists too much. Maybe I need to stregth train those puppies? So I did a minute each side then pounded out my 100 russian twists- OH MY! Can we say, feel the burn? Oh yea, and I added a 5 lb weight in the mix, becuase apparently just doing a 100 wasn't enough for me.

And there you have it... although so blurry.. I really wish I could figure out how to get clearer pics on my tablet.. any suggestions??


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