Weekend training

Hey everyone, sorry for the late day post, but here I am!

How was your weekend? Mine began bright and early Saturday morning with my LLS Team in Training run in Harrisburg at HACC. It was pretty interesting because our initial run was "at least 6 miles" which turned into over 6.5 and then silly me decided to go along with the halfers again since I had time this week. In all we ran about 12.25 miles. Granted this was with stop and stretch/water breaks, but I am still pretty proud of myself and really all of us for being out there in no where near perfect weather. By this I mean misty rain and some wind (of course!) It is seriously fun running with this group. Never thought I'd run a)without music and b)with others!  I know I have said this before, but I continue to amaze myself. It's SO FUN!!

Just my little Saturday RECAP. I ran the 12, came home and promptly took my ice bath as directed and man I am SO glad I did. Definitely helped my poor hammies. (I will do a whole separate post about this) While I was giving my body time to fully take advantage of the ice bath, I completed side and two armed planks and the wonderful russaintwists. By that point, I was officially safe to get a nice HOT showe rand clean up.

Sunday, although it was a rest day (really...) I did about 15 minutes of yoga with this video and just doing some down dogs and putting one leg up at a time to give me some extra stretch. I was, a few times, rudely interupted by my goofy husband. I did teach him how to do a downward dog though :)

These stretches felt so amazing.. seriously stretching my hammies. Loved it. I linked up another one in the past but didn't feel like a 45 minute routine. 

After hubby left to run a quick errand, I went back to my two armed plank  and really kicked some booty

I still have it :) definitely made me sweat!! WOW! Did my 100 russain twists with 5lb weight and called it a day. A hot, sweaty day. 

What type of fitness shenanigans did you get into this weekend??


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