A little catch up

Do you ever have those weeks where nothing really gets done and you just feel like you are spinning your wheels?

Of course you have, you are human!! Well I feel like that has been this entire year so far, but especially this month for some reason.

Since my last post (a week ago.. shoot!) I have been keeping up with my runs (mostly) and keeping active as if my life depended on it.

Last Friday, since I knew I was missing my Team in Training run Saturday, I set out on a new route and ran a nice 9 miles

I am really particularly proud of this run. Why? Well this is the longest I have ever run by myself and without any music. This is seriously a big deal for me considering that I used to be so afraid and downright upset if my music stopped or glitched out on phone just a few months ago. I guess you could say I am getting a little more comfortable with myself as a runner. Really going out there and embracing it. With it being just the end of March, I have accomplished a lot this year in terms of running. I increased my longest distance from 6 miles to 12 (or a little over) and can now run these distances with no music whatsoever. Well, ok, as long as you don't count the sounds that run through my head all the time anyway. Don't judge, you know you do the same thing :)

Here is my little picture summary of my time Friday. Clockwise from the top left. A quinoa/egg/tomato/avocado mix with some cheese and taco sauce for my post run meal... can we say YUM?? My pretty watch with my run stats. Pretty green socks. Why? Because I bought this awesome pack of 7 prs of socks in it (6 different colors) at Dick's when I bought my watch and they are just so fun! and Last, but not least- Sport Beans from my Runnerbox that I won. They were pretty sweet, but seemed to give me the jolt I needed to get me going on this run.
Other than this, nothing too extraordinary to report lately. I did get a pretty awesome boxing workout set from my parents for my birthday which is a serious arm workout.
I shared this on instagram- and I guess you can't really see what its called- if you want specifics, comment and I will post it. Just that it is downstairs right now and I am up. Totally not going back down just for that. (this might sound lazy, but seriously.. not doing it!) Anyway- the gloves are each 1 lb weighted and the medicine ball is a nice 6lb. For a wimpy armed gal like myself, these are challenge enough for the time being. I did this last week and had many MANY sore muscles for two days following. I did this tongiht and hope I can move my arms to run the next few days :)
I will be back after the weekend- unless I get a chance on Sunday evening to give a weekend update. Hope you all have a happy running and safe weekend.


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