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I have been meaning to write this for a while, but am kind of glad I waited. "Write what?," you might be asking. Well, write about some interesting view points communicated to me by someone who has been at running a lot longer than I have.
My first week with the Team in Training, the coach asked me what the longest was that I had run to that date. I told him about 8 miles. He pretty quickly shot back at me "Yea, you look like a runner." I kind of shrugged it off, but begant to think. Do I really look like "a runner?" What exactly are the characteristics that made him come to this conclusion? Is it my body build (which seriously, isn't all that extra-ordinary, just sayin) or is it the clothes I was wearing?
I have to admit I never thought it was an obvious thing but maybe it is? In the almost 2 years since I began my running journy, I never thought I would have come this far. I never thought I'd make it through Couch 2 5k and be able to run 3 consecutive miles let along at any decent speed. Seriously.

The reason I am glad I put off writing on this topic a little bit is because 2 Saturdays ago I had the opportunity to run with the coach for a little bit and heard more that made me think. He told me that I am a natural runner and that I have this natural stride. I think I really shocked him when I told him how "new" I was to running. I think even more shock was layered on top when I told him that I was not an athlete in high school. Although I have always thought of marching band as a sport because of the cardio and coordination involved and that this was something I was involved in all 4 years, participation certainly didn't make me feel that I was an athlete. I was never interested in sports like that and just didn't get involved.
Why am I sharing this? Because people watch other people. It is in our nature. Someone I have known for such a short period of time thought I must have been some athlete or at least involved in lots of activity throughout life. It is pretty cool to learn the positive things others have to say about you. Things that you never dare to think or at least say out loud to others.
Moral of the story. It is never too late to start, but don't spend your life wondering if you can. I decided to try and look where it has taken me!! I have now decided upon a half marathon this year.. and if I keep getting encouraged anymore, might make it to a marathon in the next year too.
What is holding you back today??


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