Birthday weekend

Hey everyone- what a whirlwind life has been recently. So here I am, trying to get back on track and share some recent happenings.
Friday was my birthday and I took the day off work. I got up late, enjoyed some delish pancakes with nothing healthy at all about them.

Don't they look yummy? Peanut butter and chocolate chips, just hit the spot.
After I got myself ready to go, around noon I took a mile walk down the road to pick up my car from an overdue state inspection and emissions testing. Ran some errands, did some shopping and even scored some sports bras for $4 and a pair of running pants on clearance for $8. Couldn't pass them up!
After hubby got home from work, we headed out for dinner. I had a free burger at Red Robin, although they messed up our food and we ended up getting our meals free anyway.
Saturday I ran a nice 9.75 miles with the great team in training folks.
I ran most of it with Mandie and we had a pretty good time other than the really ridiculous winter weather. Really, it snowed, was sleeting, and was just plain wintery.

Don't the little ice pebbles look wonderful? Imagine that and snowflakes flying at you for this entire distance. The luck of the irish was not upon us during this run but it really was great other than that.  

This is an awesome set that I saw while out with my mom back in January at Kohls. It was pretty pricey but she got all the Kohls cash from our big shopping trip so she went back and picked it up! It is called 12 rounds and boy was it a 30 minute power packed workout. I did it Monday evening and am seriously still sore. I give it my seal of approval. WOW.
I came back to work yesterday to find this little piece of love from a silly coworker. We talk a lot about our fitness escapades and planking is one of them. Both the typical planks I do for core and arms, and the ridiculous ones the people do..well.. wherever.

 Last night, I made this little bowl of deliciousness. Whole grain pasta, avocado, tomato, a chicken breast cut up, juice from 3/4 of a lime, 1/4 bag of sharp cheddar cheese and some milk. I don't have amounts for anything really, I just threw it all together. Then put some cilantro on top.... heaven! 

Today was my first run since Saturday due to weather and so-sick-of-winter laziness. I picked up a garmin watch (finally!) with my birthday and work bonus extra cash. I love Nike+ on my phone, don't get me wrong. However, I do not like the crashes and other issues that often occur. No idea if this is an issue with the droid system or the app, but I have too often loss mileage info or have to suffer with an almost dead phone if I have a busy day after a long run. Plus, sometimes it is nice not to worry about popups on my phone and I can just plain old run :)

Either way, hope you all are having a great week. On the schedule this evening is my abs challenge from Fitness Diva. I am really enjoying this focus spot and learning some new excercises for core strength.


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