Couple day catch up

It has been pretty quiet around here, hasn't it?? Oh my goodness. I haven't been able to find the time to sit down and FINISH all my started entries.. Don't you hate that?

Don't mistake my quiet-ness for inaction. I have been pretty darn busy. Please bear with me, I am going back an entire stinkin week just to account for EVERYTHING I have been up to :)


Ran a simple 3 miles outside in place of my usual TREADMILL Thursday routine. I had to head to my parents right after work to pick up taxes. YIPEE!! Something to note about this run was that it was totally without music, the fastest I have run in weeks AND it was warm enough that I ran in just a l/s tee. WOW. Too bad by the time I was done it was freezing and windy again.

Friday was rest day. I did cheat and did some yoga for hip openers.. felt so good!! I am always so happy after I do yoga stretching and continue to wonder why I didn't give it a chance sooner after I got involved with running.

Saturday I ran a beastly 12 miler with TNT. By beastly I mean insanely hilly.

You can't really tell from how small the picture is but I think that HUGE blue section was somewhere around a 350 ft climb.We learned to embrace those hills, but man, oh man, it really wasn't always pretty. It was quite a course and body wasn't really loving on me too much afterward. I did try some blueberry pomegranate energy chews that came in my  Runner box - - more on this later. They were pretty good. A little TOO chewy but that may have been because it was FREEZING outside and they were partially frozen at the 6.5 mark when I went to eat them. No hard feelings.
I have just two pictures from the jaunt and this one is the bridge that was our starting and finishing point. I love covered bridges.. they are so fun!!

Here is the big "MOB" from Saturday. Harrisburg team joined up with York and WALA.. here is what we got. It was a fun crowd- fun to meet some of the other people and also fun to run with some different people.

Sunday, I can barely remember!! This is why I needed to do this days ago. shoot. I am pretty sure I did some yoga to help my poor (Still) screaming legs.

Monday I did 3 miles but afterwards, wasn't too sure this was a great idea. My right knee was really bothering me. It was more the muscles around my knee, not the knee itself but I didn't want to push it. I decided not to run Tuesday but did some yoga stretching and began to participate- even though a few days late- in an abs challenge by Fitness Diva on facebook.

Wednesday I was hoping for a nice snowfall to run in.. but we got nothing but wet and slop. NO THANK YOU. I delayed getting out of bed so long I barely had time for 2 miles- but I squeezed it in. When I got home, while dinner cooked, I did my abs challenge with some added time on the plank, plus 16 pushups and 50 squats.

And now, we are back to today!! Wahooo. That update will have to wait, because the workout is still TBD. Continuing with the ab challenge for sure, and probably will do some yoga- at least. Keeping it simple.  I will miss my long TNT run on Saturday -insert sad face- but will be doing one of my own tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!


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