You may have noticed the cute little fundraising widget over there to the right.... well yep. That's what I am excited about. Well I am excited both for the money that my amazing friends and family have contributed to a cause that I consider a worthy one- and for the event itself!!

I won't go into why I am doing it. You can read about that here. Just know that it is for a high school classmate of mine whose strength and persistence totally amazes me.

Anyway... the other part of why I am excited is that I received all the info and SWAG for the run with Team in Training. I will take some pics of it all and share a little closer to the run. For now, I am going to share some random Hershey, PA related images.

Yep, this run is going to be so SWEEET. All puns intended. I am super excited that the course takes us through the park and by the rides and all kinds of Hershey-ness. I often wish that I lived other places, warmer, closer to the ocean, but I really do love and cherish where we live. So close to the capital, so close to Hershey, so close to lots of areas we LOVE. 

I will be sharing more after my last (sigh) training run on Saturday. Ironically, I will actually be running 11 miles (with those prepping for the Nike DC Half- sooooo should have done this) instead of my assigned 5. Overachiever? Maybe. But, I will definitely be prepared for the Hershey Half Marathon in October. More on that one later. :)

Have a great weekend and happy running. I know I sure will be happy.. all 11 miles of smiles. 


  1. I'm so excited too. I'm nervous at the same time. tomorrow is my last 'long run' until the big race!!!!! (:

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