Super Saturday

I have said this before and will say it again. This team in training experience has seriously changed my life. Have a fundraised as hard as I could? No but hope to do this for some run in 2014. And since I will be able to plan ahead for it, I can do more. 

But it has changed my running in ways that I never thought possible. I couldn't chose which change I am happiest with so I will just list them here. 

1. Running with others: I have never been a fan of having a regular running date with someone. This isn't to say I don't enjoy the occasional jaunt with a neighbor or friend, but it has never been something I did on a regular basis. So crazy!

2. Running without music. I barely even give it a second thought when I leave the house without my phone strapped to my arm. Of course it also helps that I now have my Garmin watch to eekp track of timing and distance rather than my phone. I prefer to keep my phone on me, however until I get my flipbelt in the mail, this wont be happening. 

3. Running long distances and loving it. I totally look forward to the longer runs that I have gotten into the habit of going on each Saturday morning. The challenge it great and it is fun to see the miles pile up. 

4. I have met quite an amazing group of people who inspire and encourage anyone no matter where they are in their running journey- whether just starting out of 10 marathons in. 

Here is the lovely group from Saturday. 

This is my little photo montage of my Saturday morning. Started with quickfire mix from my Bulu Box - this was a pretty yummy start to the day. Not only did it taste good, it was a little
fizzy.  During the run, I enjoyed my yummy shot blocks from my The runner box and a later in the evening treat- mint brownie from my Kona Kase. Yep all kinds of goodies from fun boxes. I had to include the pic of me because I was just so happy to have been able to have a long run in the sun instead of wind, rain and snow :)

Hope you all had a happy running/fitness weekend. 


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