Signed up for another one!

Happy weekend everyone :)

No morning run for me today because I am at work, but I did sign up for one I have been thinking about. 

Active Advantage emailed me the other day with an offer of $10 back on any race I chose to sign up for while still on my trial membership. What better excuse than that to sign up NOW?

Yep, another run in Hershey and this one is 6 miles and includes a treat at each mile. I am not sure how into this I will be in the heat of August, but it will be a good run anyway as I train for the Hershey Half that is in October and my first half ever. Plus, I have an old coworker (soon to be a coworker again come Monday) who has said she will run this with me. With or without a running mate, I think this will be a fun race- and at $20 with the money back I couldn't pass it up! That's less than most 5ks. 

Anyone else sign up for a cool race recently? 


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