Inspiration Thursday!

Since I have busy (and therefore exhausted) I have to look at great quotes on Pinterest and Facebook pages to keep me going and remind me to not let life slow my workout life down.

5 New Fitness Quotes To Motivate You Health News And Views Health

andrea calle, inspirational fitness quote, fitness

(love this one!!!)

(hahah!!! true story!)

Well I hope, as always, that these give you that little Thursday kick in the pants you need :)
As for me, tonight is the ever wonderful Treadmill Thursday after work. This is week 3 and they are becoming beloved evenings in my life!


  1. Love the Don't Quit quote. I was telling myself not to quit running this morning. We all need encouragement!

  2. Just wanted to let you know this post inspired me to run Friday afternoon. I mean, I ran pushing a 40lb little man in a running stroller.
    I shared this post on Twitter.. keep 'em coming.


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