Maniac Monday

I am very happy to report that even though I couldn't drag get myself out of bed this morning much before I had just enough time to get ready, I still accomplished all the FIT things I needed to squeeze into my day.

You see, thanks to me thinking I am superwoman and can constantly run full force and that my past month of weekends has looked like this: babysit Saturday at 7am through Sunday 3pm, work 7-3 Saturday and Sunday,  work 7-3 Saturday and Sunday, babysit from 7am Saturday through Sunday 7pm, I am pretty exhausted!! Even my 2 days off after working the weekends were packed and although I think I slept in a little at some point, this is all catching up to me. It has gotten increasingly hard to get out of bed each day.

If you know me, or even a little, you know this is not my personality at all really and that ALL winter I stuck to my training plan pretty well even in the COLD, SNOWY, WINDY weather.

Well, ok enough of that and on to my "YAY ME!" moment.

I felt pretty terrible all day, even had a second LARGE mug of coffee and thought for sure I might fall asleep typing. I was bound and determined to come home and run at least 3 miles. Well, not even a mile in, I decided I'd go for 4. Then, because it was going to end up being 4.7, I pushed through to the last drop and chugged to 5.

I also did my Fitness Diva challenge of the day along with 20 push-ups, and a 1 minute plank. If the run didn't make me sweat enough, this sure sealed the deal. Holy sweat glow time :)

Happy Monday Tuesday (since it is rather late)

Fitness Quote Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction


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