What a whirlwind

First, my apologies for disappearing! I worked all weekend and Saturday evening we went to my parents for dinner. The expectatiosn were as follows: dinner, mom and I would take a walk while hubby worked on internet service related things for mom and we would head home at a decent hour. We certainly ate a delicious dinner and we got our walk in. Hubbys portion was a huge fail.. not due to his inadequacies, but the internet provider. Needless to say lots of hours were wasted and meant we didnt get home til after midnight. Couple this with needing to wake at 6am, equals a looong day. We did get a nice afternoon of some riding time on the motorcycle but no workouts for me other than the may squat challenge.

Monday I played catch up on Fitness Divas May challenge from Saturday and did Monday's as well. I also did the squat challenge and added weights where I could. I did some of the squats as squat jumps which is always interesting.

So back to my walk with Mom Saturday. It was a very nice day and we stumbled upon some fun little things.

This really pretty chalk drawing was outside one of the swankier resturaunts in town and was just too pretty to pass by. Sorry it is sideways, but you get the jist.

Then there was this cool piece outside a funky and eccentric shop called Pat Craig Studio. What a fun shop, but its been a while since we have been inside. 

We kept walking and found an interesting and short trail.. I took the awkward and weirdly blurry picture as we wee coming to the opening. 

Anyway, so that's what I have been up to. I feel like such a workout and runner slacker, but I know my body (and brain) needed the break from such inteensity and enjoyed the rest. Working on getting back into the swing of the things and will enjoy some boxing tonight and a good run in the morning. 

Happy halfway point (except for me, because I work this weekend again lol) Going to get serious about getting my reviews up for everyone to see. I have  3 to write up and get rolling ... seriously need to get these out there and SOON!!

Take care :)


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  2. No apologies... we're all human here :) I've checked out and back in again so many times. As long as we don't forget out motivation-- I think we're good.
    How lovely your walk with your Mom, I wish my mom was near {sighs}.
    Have a great week!


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