Yep, killed it.

What exactly, you might ask?

Treadmill Thursday...

Even though I had been determined to get up out of bed and get a nice, 5 to 6 miler in. However, they were calling for weird weather and when I did get up and ready, I looked out the window and dag nab it, it was raining!! And it wasn't that nice spring drizzly weather, it was gross. So I packed a gym bag for after work and took my butt right back to bed.

When I got up to go to work all I saw/heard on facebook/tv/radio was about a fire on/near roads I take to get to work. (more here) Out of panic that I would not get to work on time because of road closures, I got dressed quickly and headed out the door.

The entire rest of the day was so off kilter that I could not wait for 7:30p to hit so I could bust out the gym clothes and head to the basement of my work building to work up a sweat on the treadmill. I always scare myself when I am excited for treadmill work..

I really cannot complain. The workout was amazing. It went a little like this. I did 20 minutes of interval training between 9:13 min/mile pace and 8:34 min/mile at 1 min 20 seconds at each pace. Since that only got me about 2.25 or so miles, I did an additional mile at 8:34. You have no idea how amazing this felt. My typical outdoor runs range from 9:15 minute miles and up usually just because I am sluggish in the mornings I guess.

After the treadmill, I did the daily Fitness Diva challenges and a 2 minute plank. I also did my lovely 100 squats for the #sweatpink challenge. I alternated 20 regular and 20 squat jumps (what was I thinking??)

#whatsbeautiful #iwill 
This is my hotmess of a self after the treadmill portion. More on #whatsbeautiful soon, once I get all my info set up at UA what is beautiful. Pretty excited!


  1. Get it girl! I so need to get to work....

  2. I'm too exhausted after reading this to even comment properly lol


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