BAMR Bands review

You might have all been expecting my Glow run recap, but I can't post it quite yet. You see, I am hoping I can find the answer to my photo conundrum prior to posting. What is that, you ask? Well. I showed my parents the pictures literally last night and now tonight they are no where to be found on the camera card and there are just .CTG files remaining.. if anyone can shed some light and guidance, please do!!! (I do have a few phone photos, but so not as fun as the ones captured on my canon)
anyway.. on to the main attraction... BAMR BANDS
I was very hesitant when I saw yet another headband promising to be “non-slip.” But, BAMR Bands had super cute patterns such as the ever popular Chevron and even a peacock design so I couldn't resist. With a price tag of $10 I thought this was reasonable enough to give it a try. Plus, $1 from every band goes to Every Mother Counts which is a great charity- go read up!
I ordered a purple chevron band and the peacock (because it was just beyond fun!) and waited for them to arrive in my snail mail box.  Pretty sure I squealed when they arrived because it was right around my birthday (which yes, is in March which goes to show how long it has taken me to write this!) and I was so happy to have some new head swag.

Anyway, let me get to the point. And the point is- these bands are stinkin AWESOME. I mean it. They stay on my head even through me sweating like a beast. I am totally not even kidding you. I swear like nobody’s business when I run.. err do any kind of workout really.  It just drips. Everywhere. Ok, sorry if I grossed you out. But seriously- these bands stay right where I put them. I have run 8 miles in them and they stay. I have worn them on our motorcycle when my husband pushed 50 and it seriously didn’t go anywhere. I was impressed.

(this is about 4 miles into a run)

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future. They are made very similarly to another type of band I have tried and I think the biggest difference is the size of the elastic and how much of it there is. I could be wrong, but I really don’t care since they work so well.  
What makes it even better is Katie, creator of BAMR bands, is a beloved SPA sister which makes it even more exciting to share these awesome bands with you. She is always adding new patterns to the shop and is so sweet!
So go over, and show her some love :) @


  1. I love BAMR bands. they are so adorable!

  2. Thank you for such a nice write up Jodi!! So glad you love them!!


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