Life lately

Life has been pretty busy again since Thursday.

Friday night I enjoyed some scrapbooking time (my other hobby love) and then got up early to run with team in training for the first time since my 10k back in April.  I am not running anything for TNT anytime soon but they still encourage "Alumni" to come back out- I did just that.

As you can see..... there was QUITE the MOB that came out Saturday to run It was great to see familiar faces - two in particular- Nate who blogs over at Wags the Runner and Mandie who both were training for spring runs when I was.  It is amazing how much you miss seeing certain faces and catching up with the friends that are TNT family. Anyway, so Mandie and I caught up over 7 miles of hot sweaty running.  It wasn't always easy, but it was totally worth it and a good time

I haven't been good at taking pictures lately, but this is a pic from after tonights crazy 3 miles in very hot and humid conditions. It didn't make it easy but glad I went. I stopped and talked to a guy in the park who had 3 little miniature schnauzers... this was special to me because growing up our family dog was a schnauzer and I love the breed to this day. They are great dogs to have and the perfect size in my opinion. They were the cutest darn puppies I had to talk to him just to pet them and soak them in.

Monday night I ran 4.5 down by the river in Harrisburg and it was pretty nice. Hot and humid but the little breeze helped out a little bit.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to do the extra workout things I wanted to.. I think that my body was taken over by the weekend exhaustion and heat.  I ended up coming home, eating, showering, and was on the couch by 10:30pm (which if you know me at all, this is about 3 hours early) and asleep shortly after.  

So that's where the week has taken me so far!!

How have you been sweating pink these days?


  1. I love that you run sometimes with a group... it is so motivating.

    schnauzer's are by far the best dogs ever. I love my little guy!


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