National Running Day

Even though it is the end of the day, I wanted to get in on the fun and share why I run.

We all see pictures all over filled with different reasons for why we run: to eat what we want, stay in shape, stress relief, escape, time to ourselves and the list goes on and on




For me it is about lots of things- the constant challenge I can give to myself. To go further, faster, relax, get stronger, be better at pacing, run somewhere new, run with someone new, run a race I have never run before. All of these things are such a huge part of why I run. But what really made me dedicated to running and the release it allows was going through some serious rough times. It wasn't until I had run through smiles, tears, fears, worries, emotions that I don't even have a name for- that my true dedication and reason for running became apparent. It can be a lifeline, a best friend, a soft place to land and really whatever you allow it to be. It really is cheaper than therapy and can be such a life changer.

Not that I need to talk you into it or that I am trying to. You see, I was never a runner until my discovery of C25k.. and then the challenge began. And will forever continue.

Today I ran 2.5 miles for National Running Day. I really wasn't sure that I would get out there at the start of the day. After the weekend, I took Monday off because I woke up feeling like serious DEATH due to allergies. During the course of the day I developed a weird pain in my right foot. Well that continued today as well as the annoyance of allergies and all that comes with them. But thanks to reading all the inspiring posts of all you runners out there, I decided that it would be lame NOT to run. So maybe my foot didn't love me too much when I was done. But it felt good to sweat it out. Now I will take it easy for a few days... I swear.

I'll be back tomorrow with some inspirational Thursday material and finally posting my ZOLA review!!


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