Rock N Glow recap

So I might have found a way to recover those photo, keep your fingers crossed. For now, I am here with a few phone photos and my race recap.

I took a major gamble on signing up for this race- it was a first year and a night race. But, it was a GLOW run, and this I could not resist. I set out and posted it on facebook to see if anyone else was interested. Two of my friends- one, my childhood dental hygentist, the other a friend from team in training. We signed up back in March (or something like that) so the suspense was killing us!

Who wouldn't seeing this fun banner with info about what was going on. So the day night came and I made plans to meet up with each of them, once we arrived. My husband and I rode the motorcycle up and it was so hot that it was such a wonderful ride. 

Unfortunately, we were barely there and got our packets picked up, and my husband had a very bad reaction to some nearby onions. Yes, he is deathly allergic and just being near them makes his throat close up. It is so scary and it took 2 epipens to get him stable again. Needless to say, sore legs and all he was a great sport and was there to support me for the race. 

(Gwen and I- she was my dental hyentist growing up, is a crafter on the side, and has run lots of 5ks. Another interesting fact is that we both have maiden names of Lehman.. while I don't think we are related, still pretty cool)

Gotta love $1 tubes of glow bracelets. Enough to make a girl feel like a kid again. :)

Oh, so you actually want to hear about the race, not just my childhood obsession with all things glowy? Haha.. well alriiiiight.

So this is a picture from Manheim Downtown just to give you an idea of the massive amount of people that showed up for this race. Yep. Thats the front end of 1300 something people of the total 1540+ registered for this race (there was also a 1 mile fun run). Amazeballs.  I am still in awe that this was a first year race with this turn out. They said they were told average first year is 200 registrants, they shot for 400, and they over tripled that. 

It was a littls sweaty/smelly/cattleshoot feeling at lineup, and took us about 4 minutes after the gun to reach the start. I took off, feeling pretty good but by mile 2 I was struggling to get decent breathes (dude, it was HOT and HUMID) and my feet felt like they were on fire. I ended up taking a few very short walk breaks to give my legs (and lungs) a small break from the heat. 

The course was nice and we were greeted by lots of kind and sweet townies to cheer us on,take our unwanted (and flapping) glow necklaces, and (in one case) hose us down- literally. There was a sweet older man at the end of his driveway spraying his garden hose and allowing us to run through for some refreshment. 

I crossed the finish line at 29:45 as my official time. By no means impressive or a PR, but with the holy heat, I was happy. I found my hubby, said hello and quickly made my way to a bench to tear off my burning hot shoes. I proceeded to spend the rest of our time in Manheim barefoot. As I headed for water, my friend Gwen crossed the finish line. After visiting with the husbands for a few, we headed for water and fruit together. 


Overall, I finished 68/287 in my age group - 19 to 29 females,  overall 442/1397. 

Still working on recovering the mysteriously dissapeared pictures, but for now I leave you with a pic of our cute race tanks. 
 (totally not the best phone photo, but cool, right??)

I will post my pics if/when they are recovered..  cross your fingers for me!!


  1. this looks like a great race! I wish I could've made it but I was beat from Relay for Life. A race at night is such a good idea!

  2. it was a cool race! Thanks for the shout out :-). Thanks for letting me know about it. It was a lot of fun!

  3. Ah! I just responded to your comment on my blog post about the motorcycle and had asked you of you still ride. Now I see that you do! :) What do you have if not the ninja anymore?

    That's an awesome turnout for their first race!


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