Treadmill Thursday!!

I was serious when I said I am trying to stick to a treadmill routine, once per week, preferably Thursday. Don't ask why, I like the sound of "treadmill Thursday" and it works for me.

Either way.. here's this week's story. I was up at 6:45am this morning (pretty early for me!!) to head to take some kiddos I babysit for from their home to their school summer camp which is literally 2 minutes from my home. I was at their house by 7:40am and there were dropped off about 1 hour later. Being pretty exhausted, I really was second guessing my plan for the rest of my morning before work. 

Last night I had packed my bag with shower supplies and clothes for work. The plan was to go do my Thursday treadmill workout at the gym at work, shower, then head upstairs for my shift. I was really questioning this plan... but made a protein shake, loaded myself back in the car and headed to my work building.

Moral of the story? I was glad I did. It was a great workout- 3.6 miles doing running intervals for 35 minutes. Definitely beginning to feel a lot more confident with my running again.  My recent battle with allergies, humidity and then my foot was beginning to make me upset and lose the fun and enjoyment I felt with running. Thankfully, my body seems to be readjusting and I can put that behind me for the summer. I also bought myself a new pair of (cooler) running shoes which has seemed to help a ton too!!

On another note, I hope you all have a great weekend!! I will be headed out to run with Team In Training on Saturday bright and early. I might not be currently fundraising or training for a race with the organization, but I sure do miss the people so its time to return!!

[edit:] I have also been doing the Arms/Plank Challenge @ Run Turtle Run's facebook page and even though it kills me every day and I can't do ALL the push-ups consecutively, I do them until my arms will collapse, take a quick stretch break and continue til they area done. If you have missed it, you should pick a day to start and just do it on your own. Your arms will look AMAZING... I don't lie. This is a hard challenge and maybe should have another rest day or two, but use your discretion and if you need a rest day a little more often, take one. AMAZING. DO IT!!


  1. You inspired me... I'm going to do it starting today :-) 6/22


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