I love color #happiest5k

First I have to apologize that this post took SO long to post and also that will probably full of things that may sound a little trite or exaggerated but they are so true and I am so serious. (and lots of pictures too, I love pictures!!) 

This experience was AMAZING!! 

This experience started off with probably the most fun and loud packet pick up EVER. Packet pickup was at the Sports Authority in KOP and quite honestly I was kind of sad I didn’t have time to look around more. They offered a discount on purchases which would have been really nice to take advantage of. 

Of course I had to capture the awesome signs in there that were just the beginning of my happiness

You see, we rode the motorcycle knowing full well it might pour on us part or all of the way down. And that it did. So by the time we got to pick up and knew we still had the dreaded Philly Friday evening traffic ahead of us – IN THE RAIN- I got in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Thank GOODNESS for the awesome {froggtogg} gear we bought a few months back in prep for this trip.

Friday evening and all Saturday we took in all kinds of fun sights and activities all while I was eagerly anticipating Sunday morning. We even passed by the Fairmount park pick up party in our travels so I made hubby take my picture (first of many times of course!!)

Not hiding my excitement too well! 

So on Sunday, I needed to make sure we both got up, got ready and out the hotel doors by about 6:10-6:15am. So glad we stuck to our time frame, because even though we were ideally 12 minutes away, it took a half hour. Race time wasn't until 7 am, with rolling starts until 7:45 am (and actually well past for those wishing to go again or whatever I guess) but I had two bibs I needed to meet up with someone to sell them to. A friend from work was supposed to come along with her boyfriend but thanks to a very unexpected and expensive car break down, they had to cancel. She found someone to buy the bibs so I had to meet them first- which thankfully was a  pretty easy task (who would think with 30,000 people??).

Next task was finding another friend and her group that were running which also happened quickly (YAY!). So I said farewell to hubby and left him with my good camera and took my little cheapo Kodak that I wasn’t overly worried about getting dirty. There are suggestions out there to put stuff in plastic bags and I just wasn’t doing it. I used my awesome flip belt for my phone and money and they were just fine.

So I only knew the one in the white tutu to begin with but thankfully this group was totally awesome and let me pretend I was part of their clan. Yay for friendliness!! 

RUNICORN- loved it

We were SO ready we just wanted to GO!!

We got started shortly after 7 and quickly made it to the first color stop. I know they say at each K there is a new color, but ours was definitely not that. The first color was really fast and then it was a while until the next one. I think this must have just been because of the layout and nature of the course. It was literally like a party at each new color and everyone got excited, hooted and hollered, and just soaked up as much color as possible.

The color stops were so much fun. Only word of advice: I know it will be hard to contain your excitement as you run through the awesome color happiness.. but keep your mouth closed. Haha. I mean this seriously. The powder will get in your mouth and it will taste like crap. Don't do it. It will take you halfway through to remember and you will be glad you did. 

Awesome post race color


 More color awesomeness

Awesome lady!

Awesome post run group shot. Love it. 
I don't know how seeing this can't make you just squeal with happiness. Seriously. Like a little piggy. 

Hot mess - extra green!

Beautiful mess if I've ever seen one.  

The pictures that my friends posted Sunday afternoon and looking through ours just made me smile. The whole experience was just nothing like I have ever been a part of- The run was actually a little less than a 5k but in reality it definitely didn’t even feel like I ran 3 miles!! Seriously, the most fun 3 miles I have ever run in my life (and that is not an exaggeration).

They also let you take your picture in front of a huge wall of COLOR RUN print. I didn't get to be part of a large group one but I went and got a shot all by myself. So glad I did... it looks awesome!!
Definitely the #happiest5k on the planet.. and in reality probably in the world too. 

Just sayin'. I don't care how old you are, this is stinkin fun!!


  1. this run looks like so much fun! I have to do it one year!


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