Rails to Trails

Since  I won't get to long run this week and I never got this posted sooner, I thought I'd share about this past Sunday's long 8 miler run. 

I have written before that a friend of mine and I have been meeting up about once each month for a long run. When I decided to sign up for the Hershey Half as my FIRST, she jumped on the bandwagon. She has done others in the past but I was so excited that she signed up with me.
Anyway, with last week being so hot (and subsequently me barely running) I met her at her house at7am and planned to run a good 8 miles. On the way she asked if I was ok with 9:15-9:30 miles. I told her I would probably be good for 9:30s but since it has been a while since I have run that fast for any length of time that would be about my max speed.  So the break down goes like this
Mile 1: 9:36
Mile 2: 9:22
Mile 3: 9:27
Mile 4 9:15  ohemfreakingeeeeee*GASP*
Took a quick walk break then onto
Mile 5: 9:29
Mile 6  9:49
Mile 7 10:30
Mile 8 10:10

Yep started to die at at Mile 6 then kind of found a second wind for Mile 8. I need to get used to running a little quicker and longer again as well. This is the beginning of the longer runs for me so I will get there. We have until October so no worries :)


It is absolutely beautiful scenery as shown in the pic above (not taken by me obviously but indicative of the wonderful view we ran in!). The beautiful scenary did not cancel out my friend kicking my butt on the timing. As you can see, after mile 5 I was pretty wiped out and needed to slow it down if I wanted to make it all 8 miles. I was more focused on completing it than keeping up with the fast pace (for me- mainly because since it has been so long since I have worked on speed due to the heat!). I need to get back on the treadmill and running at a 9:30 so I can get my body used to it.
Sad to say, I can’t wait til fall when the air is so much cooler and it is SO much easier to breathe. I love the heat of summer but it does not a very speedy Jodi make. I like to be able to run reasonable distances and not die so I don’t go quite as quickly or push myself to do so unless I am REALLY feeling it. At least this summer I am better equip (aka water belt) to stay hydrated and actually make it these longer distances.
Anyway, all of this is to say that this run royally kicked my butt while I felt so accomplished and great afterward. Minus the soreness I felt in my upper legs of course.  We stretched pretty well when we got back to her house and then I continued to throughout the day when I could but battled general stiffness. When I got home late Sunday evening I spent some good time with my foam rollers (one flat and one with massager bumps) and Monday morning the soreness was still there but it was SO much easier (less painful) to move!! I texted my friend and thanked her for kicking my butt!
Looking forward to these runs in the next few months leading to the half. It is also nice to be able to long run Sundays (for the most part) with someone rather than the typical Saturday.

I am hopeful to get a decent run in either Monday or Tuesday when I am off work after working the weekend. I would love to go for an 8 miler again so time will tell. Have a great weekend!

Are you long running this weekend? What are you training for? 


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