Inspiration Thursday

I hope this week is treating you all well.  I am personally ready for the weekend to spend some time with my husband and take a nice motorcycle ride. But other than that, just riding out the week as usual. Today is treadmill Thursday which will be happening this morning and of course time for some fitness inspiration :)

via- we all inspire because we do. No matter what your fitness level, you inspire someone who is just starting, or trying to figure out how. Don't forget that!

Richard G. Scott
via So true. So beautiful.

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via Seriously. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy every step along the way. Enjoy each activity. ENJOY it. :)

via You really do. You crave it for so much more than it making you healthy- it is your body and mind's way of working out your stress, or maybe a bad nights sleep, or so much more.

What workout do you crave??


  1. I love that quote about only loving your body when you are fit and only loving your children when they are well-behaved - such a great analogy!!!


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