July Kona Kase Review

Pretty behind on this because it took me a while to sample some of the last items in this box. Excited anyway to share my thoughts on yet another super yummy box!! Anyway, here goes.

First up, the PERKY JERKY. Best stuff I have EVER and I mean EVER tasted. Wow. The flavor was amazing and delicious.

Next, the Body Glove Surge. I got the double espresso flavor and it was delicious. I just opened it up to taste and will actually have to test the FUEL capacity of it later but it really did taste good. It also didn't have the creepy texture that some gels have straight from the tube.

The Health Warrior Chia bar in coconut was like nothing I have ever eaten. The texture was definitely very interesting and different but I really liked it. The crunch was nice and I could definitely see myself eating some other types of chia bars.

I also got to try Caveman Cookies. These cookies definitely have a different flavor to them, but something I could get used to. They are grain and dairy free for those on sensitive diets.

Garuka bar was probably one of my most favorite items in this July box. Again a very different type of texture and flavor but I really couldn't get enough of it and I was so sad when it was gone. Another product I could see myself ordering in the future.

This Enjoy Life seed and fruit snack was also incredible. I was so relieved to find dried cranberries and pineapple in this mix and NOT raisins that you don't even know. I really ate too many raisins as a kid and can barely stand them as an adult. Especially when they ruin a perfectly good cookie or other treat. Another snack wrapper I was very sad to see be empty!!

These last few items I don't have pictures of but will review now.

Barbara Llewellyn granola- this was really delicious and I couldn't get enough. I really have grown to love granola over the past year and I really could get used to eating this stuff. 

I got the probar chews in a citrus flavor. I really loved the flavor and the smaller size of these chews. I am not sure how much extra energy these gave me on long runs but I really loved that these actually had a flavor and the citrus was refreshing especially on hot long runs. I would be interested to try other types of these chews.

There you have it... my review of the July Kona Kase.

Of course, I also loved the quote enclosed in the box- one of my favorite finishing touches of these kases.

*disclaimer* I was given the opportunity to review the July Kona Kase as part of the Sweat Pink Ambassador program. I was not compensated for this review other than the July Kona Kase. All opinions and views are 100% my own.


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