Fall running

Yes! It is finally here. My ultimate favorite time to run is the fall season.

The season is far too short if you ask me. But the breathing is easier, the pace faster, and just overall cooler air makes my running so much more enjoyable. After the craziness of the summer sun and heat making us drip gallon after gallon of sweat, fall is a much welcome visitor. The only downside to fall is that the daylight hours are SO much shorter. I hate the long dark evenings.


Who else is excited about fall running?? Maybe you haven't quite gotten the cooler fall temps yet, but believe me they are on the way! It has been getting below 60 here at night which also means AMAZING sleeping. Who's with me! :)

I wish everyone luck who is running this weekend (or who already has) in races, long runs, short runs, whatever the case might be. I will be running my long run with a team in training friend tomorrow, and then sticking around to see some friends at the Harrisburg Half finishing up.


  1. I love fall for so many reasons the only thing I don't love about it is that it means winter is coming!!!

    1. I hear ya Kim- not a huge fan of SUPER cold winter seasons at all.

  2. Ahhh, you just got me excited! I love running in the fall, but it does get so dark, I am a morning runner. And I agree with Kim, not winter!!! But yes, I think of fall running as crisp and fun, I love crunching the leaves! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too!


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