In the long run..

Yep, that's a really lame PUN. I was going to name this post another great long run, but the reality is. It really wasn't.

I mean it was in the company of some really awesome people, but as for the weather. It was lamer than lame. And by that I mean SO HOT!!!!

We met at 7:30am, had some inspiration dedications (major tear jerkers) and then we begrudgingly took off running... and sweating and panting.

The TNT group prehotsweatymessrun.

Half way point water stop (sneaky sneaky someone took this picture)

Our run turned out to be about 7.5 miles and we were no less than drenched at the end. I was very thankful to not be part of the group doing 12 miles in prep for a full marathon. The 7.5 was definitely enough on the crazy humid day. Don't get me wrong. The temps really weren't THAT bad, but the air was heavy and it was definitely one of THOSE runs that you, even though running with others, didn't talk just panted and listened to the pants of others.

On a really gross note, about 2 miles in I was running next to one of the older guys in the group and definitely was splashed by his sweat more than once. I am not going to lie I started to get grossed out and then decided to scrap that thought because I was already so sweaty it really didn't matter. Runner problems?  You know you are a runner when... oh my.

Anyway. The entire week last week really was a horribly hot one again. It was really hard to get out there and run after the cool temps of the few weeks prior, but I did it. Tuesday I ran an easy 2 miles, Wednesday a REALLY sweaty 4 miles, Thursday I opted for the Beachbody Turbofire 20 minute HIIT workout. I decided to switch up Treadmill Thursday to Friday based on one thing and one thing only. Ready for it?

You see, I use a treadmill in our basement gym at work and then shower before I head upstairs for my shift. I usually just put gel and hairspray in it for that messy/shower look and call it a day. Because Friday was declared a holiday and our company was closed for the day, I decided it would be even more perfect that I could work out, shower, and then put on YOGA PANTS and a TSHIRT. See? Isn't that super awesome? Normally this would have required real clothes, therefore Friday Treadmill day was the obvious choice.

So that, in a nutshell, was last week for me.

Are you training for a big race? What is your least or most favorite part of the training process?


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