Inspiration Thursday

It's that time of week again.. holy moly.

So here goes. Fall is right around the corner now that labor day has passed and with that shorter days. For me, this means I MUST get my butt out of bed each morning because an after work outside workout is no longer an option. Working a straddle shift of 11am-7:30pm means this change comes pretty early. Now more than ever I need some extra motivation.

jillian michaels motivation - Google Search
via Laziness, desire to sleep in because I didn't go to bed early enough... eh. Same thing. :)

motivation-monday-jan-27.jpg 500×397 pixels
via This will be especially important to remember when I am nearing the end of my half training.. not too mention DURING my first half. EVER.

In my dreams
via Lol ok ok, not a quote but how pretty is this closet? I couldn't help myself.

"Why Am I Doing This?" | Find more run motivation at
via Just keep going... no matter how much you might question WHY?

How to run a marathon - Barney Stinson
via Because I just watched this episode last week and DIED.

LOL! Tru dat!
via This is seriously me right now. Tanner than I think I have ever been in my life too.

Running quote!
via Well this is a lie.. there is bad weather, but really as long as you can run in it.. who cares?

With that I say Happy Thursday!!


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