Inspiration Thursday!

I don’t know about anyone else… but I really needed to create and really READ this inspiration Thursday post. My work schedule (and life schedule as a result) has been all over the place these past 2 ½ weeks and some days it has been really hard to get out of bed and keep on moving. Today was one of them. I was going to get up to run and I just could not physically do it. Working until midnight then being back in at 11 is no easy task when it’s been a while.

Anyway.. enough of that and on to some motivational medicine in the form of awesome quotes J

via – Isn’t this the truth? We all might have our OFF days… but if you aren’t motivated, others see it and it might drag them down rather than lift them up.

via- Easier said than done sometimes.. but a great goal to strive for!

via- This is so true. Just keep on trucking and push yourself a little more every day. YOU CAN!

via Well if that doesn’t do it.. I don’t know what would. ;)

via- Just sayin. I had to throw this one out there because of an event coming up. More on that later.

I hope you are all trucking right along with whatever training you have going on, or just with your workout/fitness plan of your choice :) As for me, I know I have been and will share more on that tomorrow!


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