A few of my favorite things

Well ok, maybe these aren't things. But they are my favorites. YouTube videos that is.

No, I am not turning into a YouTube junkie... well unless they are fitness videos.

During the winter months, I scoured YouTube for some good runner-focused yoga.

Here is the first of my favorites

It is a really great video that not only walks you through each pose, but also has little text boxes that pop up telling you some info about the pose and benefits. I really like both the women in this video too which is helpful because if you are annoying, sorry, just can't watch your video!

This is another one of my favorites. I really like how she describes each move as well and they are simple enough that you can add them to your regular routines. I always feel great after this one.

This last one I couldn't get to link up with the video, but I wanted to share this one too. I watched this video when I first got my foam rollers back in March. I was running longer distances then too and although I knew rolling was good for me, I knew nothing more about it. This video helped me learn just what I needed to know and it really saved me (and my legs) quite a few times. 

So that's pretty much the extent of what I have been doing this week. This was exactly what I needed to try to loosen up my legs, my body, and my mind. I really needed to take a step back after pushing myself a little (ok, maybe a lot) too hard last week. 

I am going to kick this half marathon's BUTT. Haha. Ask me how I feel tomorrow, this changes on a daily basis. :)

Have a great weekend. I will be running my last "long" run tomorrow - 8 miles- until my first ever half marathon. SO many emotions. 

Are you running long this weekend? Or running an event? there are TOO many to follow this time of year. 


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