Dr. Scholl's Active Series

Over the summer, I signed on with Influenster and began taking surveys, reviewing products that I have used and earning badges. The first "Voxbox" I received was for Lifeway Kefir which I don't think I ever even got to do a post on, but shared via facebook and IG.

I recently qualified for this Dr Scholl's Active Series Insoles voxbox and I absolutely couldn't WAIT for it to hit my snail mail box. Seriously, cue antsy pants.

Well Saturday October 5th, this package did just that and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Later that evening, I posted on IG how easy the installation was.. seriously guys it doesn't get ANY easier.

Yipee!!! They made it to my door step and I couldn't wait to try them out. 

I didn't really get to use them RIGHT away because of running my impending first half marathon and not wanting to screw anything up. I will be honest I did try them for a little bit and I really shouldn't have. I needed to properly allow myself to break them in first.

Now that it has been over a week since my half marathon, I have tried them a few times (also slim because of my annoying left leg issue) and I really like them. They do fit perfectly in my shoes and provide a great deal of comfort and support. I love the GEL feeling that providers comfort, but the more sturdy parts that give you support in the areas I needed it (outer arch mostly)

I would definitely recommend these to other people who are on their feet a lot or other athletes as well. You can buy them at so many places like Target, Walmart, drug stores etc and they are pretty affordable. The Dr. Scholl's website does also offer coupons for different products so it is definitely the way to go!

Have you every tried insoles? Have you tried the active series by Dr. Scholls?


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