Enjoy the journey

Well ok, maybe not really. I haven't really been running all week thanks to a weird pain in my shin/calf on my left leg. I can only blame myself really. Last week I really went hog wild with running and shouldn't have. I had run 12 miles Sunday, 3 Monday (when it should have been a rest but I couldn't resist since I was off early and the weather was nice) and then failed walk/ran 13 miles on Friday. I had planned for 12 but in desperation for some water, ended up with an extra stinkin mile. So yea. You could say I was asking for trouble. 

So game plan for this week so far has really just been stretch, role, and yoga the heck out of it. It has been helping but I can't help but wonder what else I can do? Pondering the idea of KT tape to assist my leg in hating me less. Any thoughts? Assistance? 

Trying to enjoy this last week (OMG!!!) before my first ever (OMG!!!) half marathon. The reality is setting in that it is getting so close making me nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. It is really hard for me to sit and reflect to enjoy how far my running has come and appreciate all the hard work. It is even harder for me to comprehend not running much mileage until race day and how my body will remember that it needs to keep going for 13.1 miles. But as @HappyRunningMama1 and blogger over at  Happy Running Mama reminded me on twitter earlier this week "just remember that the hay is already in the barn for your race!" Probably the best advice ever. 

I will try to still post a traditional inspirational Thursday post later this evening, but if not, I hope this entry will serve you well. It is not always easy to rest, but it is part of the journey if you want your journey to continue in a healthy, uninjured way :)  Happy Thursday!!

Do you use KT tape? How do you handle shin/calf injuries and pain? 


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