Inspiration Thursday

So my first half is just days away and I am trying to ignore the fact that my left shin is driving me bonkers. I am trying to tell myself it is going to be ok and I will be fine running this 13.1 its all mental right?!?!

It will be fine, I will fuel myself, crank up my tunes, and enjoy running next to a great running friend. I am resting, icing, soaking, yoga-ing, foam rolling and wearing shoes with great support and hoping for the best.

On that note, here is some inspiration for this week :)

Female Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation
via ( this is one of my favorite of all TIME! )

Fitness Motivation

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via ( this will be my motto Sunday )

Weight loss and fitness motivation
via ( yes.. just go )

Fitness motivation
via ( YEP! Skinny does not equal fit or healthy. )

I hope you are all wrapping up a great week.

I will hopefully get a chance to post some pre-race thoughts/reflections over the weekend, but hubby and I will be busy celebrating our 4th year of marriage :) Our anniversary is actually today but we don't get to celebrate until Friday and Saturday.

Happy Thursday!!

What do you tell yourself when you want to give up?


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