The time I tried Crossfit

Sometime in the last week or so, our local cross fit gym, CrossFit 717, posted on facebook that they were going to hold a free running clinic followed by a workout. Being a lover of trying new (especially free) things I wanted to jump right on this. Of course, the first obstacle was trying to switch work hours. Once I got that squared away,  I RSVP’ed to the event.  They told me I just needed to come in workout clothes if I intended to participate and bring my running shoes. No problemo.

Fast forward to Wednesday. I worked the 8-4:30 shift, drove home in time to get changed and head the big whopping 1 mile to CrossFit 717. I arrived at about 5:23pm and there were already a TON of people in there. The side I entered from was a big garage door that was open and you could see right into the main gym area. I quickly found “a box” to sit on and there was an area of chairs that was mostly full too.
Both co-owners also practice Physical Therapy in the area which to me is a great “cross-training” area for Crossfit or any gym really. As it was pointed out though, typically the PT focuses on how to fix an injury where the focus of the event was more about preventing injury and the bio kinetics of how your body works together. Being a bio nerd too, this was fun to sit and listen to, although I could have used even more visuals, or at least a better view of it all. Sometimes, as dumb as it sounds, we need to be reminded about how all of our muscles, bones, and everything else is this crazy complicated yet simple combination of connections.

As for the workout portion, the moves were simple and the running was simple, but HOLY.CRAP. IT.WAS.HARD.  5 kettlebell squats, followed by (what I found out were) real burpees (apparently the ones they teach you at other classes/programs aren’t) with pushups!! This alternating with 200m, 400m, 600, 800, then 600, 400, 200. So yea, this was  a lot on my poor arms. It was a challenge but I took breaks as I needed and pushed through each set. The running was the easy part! Haha. Really the running was a little monotonous but only because it was dark outside, and we were running 100m out and backs over and over to meet each distance.  It was a nice break from pushups!!

I was definitely well worked at the end of this workout and my arms were very fatigued and my whole body was a hot sweaty mess. Goal achieved.

I started to leave and then turned back around to talk to one of the owners about my recent left leg issues and annoyances. He had me walk out and back in the gym and said that my left side seems longer and it was very clear in my walking. Basically there are adjustments and some exercises to help strengthen that side as well and recommended coming in to get checked out. I didn’t really have any arguments because my husband has been telling me for quite a while to go to a chiropractor even to get adjusted. But, ya know, he never listens to me when I tell him to go to the doctor, so why should I?  Good, sound logic, right? This has really been going on over 3 weeks too long though so I will be calling next week to see about coming in to see him.
Overall, I would say my impressions of crossfit are this. HOLY CRAP BATMAN. People who do this on a regular basis are seriously bad ass and as Brian (PT and co-owner) kept saying, AWESOME.  While I am not totally sure it is 100% for me, I would definitely try it again and maybe even try different types of classes they offer. They do have a lot to offer and I really would like to get into more or a regular strength training program.

How do you strength train? Have you ever tried CrossFit?


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