I am alive!!

Hey lovely followers,
I promise I have not forgotten about my dear blog dedicated to my love in fitness and mostly running. You see, I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving (in crafter fashion I decided I needed to make stuff) and somehow have had little time and/or energy to post didly squat.
In addition to this, my running is still seriously on hold until I get to a doctor. I have never recovered from whatever injury I acquired during my half marathon training and then just made worse by not giving myself a full chance to rest. I have done just that the past 3 weeks and although it seems like it feels a lot better, when I try to run or do anything with too much intensity, my left shin/calf hate me. Going to work on getting an appointment after Turkey day and go from there. Here is to hoping I can be back to running by the new year! It is literally KILLING ME to not be able to run. Doing other stuff like riding the wonky bike and the eliptical at my work gym just isn't the same as running in the crisp cool fall almost winter weather of PA.
I do have to share my Hero 5K experience which I promise to do very soon. I had planned to do a turkey trot next week, but am not going to. I think I will just go cheer on my buddies who are. Good deal, right?
Talk soon,
Jodi :)


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