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A while back, I was lucky enough to join Influenster and have received some pretty cool products since then. This box is my favorite so far, they really outdid themselves. Please ignore picture quality as most of these are instagram photos since you get credit for a lot of stuff that way.

I will start by talking about the product I won't post a picture of me using. Don't get me a wrong, I took a few, but I look quite creepy so its a no go. This product came from MJ Clay Spa and I completely loved how it made my skin feel. I really wasn't sure and was a little anxious because my face has been known to geek out on me with new hair and facial products.  In the end it smelled great and was quite relaxing. Might be a good add in to a gift or a stocking stuffer at the holidays. 

Glacial Clay Spa

Next up is this awesome Triple shine polish in SPARKS FLY by Sally Hansen.. you can see here. It definitely lasts better with a top coat which I am not always the best at doing. I used it once without and the next with, without it came off within a day or two and with it is holding on quite well :)

I also got to try a SoyJoy bar, another thing that made me anxious to try.  I was sure about the SOY part or the cranberry part. These both worked out ok. The bar was a tiny bit dry, but overall very good and I would consider grabbing one if hungry while out and about.

Next up is some dry shampoo by Not Your Mothers-Clean Freak. I have been wanting to try dry shampoo for quite a while but never knew where to start as far as a good brand. Well, I may not have anything to compare this to.. but it is my FAVORITE!!! I have used it a few times now and it has not let me down. Some mornings I just want to sleep in until the last minute and this stuff makes it possible. 

The last product in my box that I tried, was this Goody athletique quick dry reversible headband. I was really excited about this headband but sadly was disappointed. I love the fabric as it is a quickdry fabric, but since it is reversible there was really nothing to keep it from falling out of my hair. The really unfortunate thing is that I wasn't even working out, I was cleaning or wrapping gifts and couldn't get it to stay in my hair to save my life. Sorry goody, but I think I could manage to try other headbands in this line as they seriously have one I for each hairstyle and style in general. 

Well that wraps that up!! What an awesome box with an even more awesome assortment of items. 

Sorry this review was my first post back from a long hiatus. I will have to write an update post over the weekend so you all know where in the world I have been :)


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