What a weekend!!

For the first time in a while I had almost an entire weekend open!! Whaaaat? So what did I do with myself?

It should be no surprise to anyone that I laced up my shoes and took off down the road. How did it feel? Freakin great!! I left my house at 9:10am and headed down to the River in Harrisburg and to City Island where they were holding Race Against Racism. I was originally supposed to be away this weekend so I wasn't signed up but my company was sponsoring and I knew a coworker and good friend was running so this was the perfect motivation to get out bed and into my shoes on this beautiful day. 

As part of the "after party" this cool group of kids/teens danced. So fun to watch.. what a talented group.

After the fun part, it was time to turn back towards home, but also up to one of my favorite spots. In fact one I have missed dearly since my injury and being freaking sidelined for MONTHS! Well ok not really sidelined for that long.. but then I couldn't run the distance to get there AND BACK. Which is about a good 4 miles. This also involves quite a bit off HILL-age. Have no fear.. Tiny Thunder was near.. and ready for some hilly action. Took it slow and kicked butt and took names. I made it up the first side and promised my self a little bench sitting and a selfie. 

This is what self me got to enjoy during my break. So beautiful and so glad to be back to the point where I can run to and visit this park any time I daggon please :) When I got back home I landed at a nice 6.75 miles.  Ba-bam.

After I got home.. it was time for a shower and unpacking all this madness that I bought on Friday at the market. Isn't this beautiful? Maybe I went overboard on the tomatoes?? Naaaah.

Last fun of the day Saturday was going to Dollar General to pick up planters to start my garden in a few weeks.. and found this perty cup. Awesome right?!?! Hubs even commented on it when he got home.. sweeet.

Sunday we hopped on the motorcycle and headed to the inlaws farm. Hubs has been itching to practice shooting with his hand gun he bought back after Christmas and itching to have ME try to. Made me nervous but I did it.. and didn't crap my pants. We also took the 4wheeler out for a spin and had some fun. (no pictures though.. sorry!!) 

How was your weekend?? Did you enjoy the sunshine?


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