Inspiration Thursday

This has been a slow posting week around here.. not really sure why.  Really trying to hone in and focus on some things.. I have a crazy goal for this year which I have kept pretty quiet to keep from jinxing myself. There will be more next week on this crazy decision of mine.

For now, I am going to add to my collection of inspirational quotes.. I am really going to need these reminders as I move toward this next goal.

I really got into it with a coworker earlier this week about this.. I hate diets, I hate seeing people go on these starvation detoxes and diets, I wish people could understand just how easy it is to eat real food, have a workout routine and feel great about it. No gimmicks here. 

Seriously, find something that interests you and you can be passionate about and DO IT!

Let's do this. BURN

I hope this week's post finds you well. Stay tuned for my review of an awesome bag and my big plans for this year. 

Do you have any fitness pet peeves? Do people who constantly diet drive you crazy?


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