Who doesn't love a good bag?

Today I am super excited to share one of my new favorite fitness things with you!  Technically, it is a gym bag, but really it’s so much more than that. Read on to find out why!

Back in March, I reached out to Apera Bags to see if I could work with them and review one of their super bags. I kept seeing these bags on some of the blogs I follow and wanted to know what the big deal was.  Apera sent me the yoga tote in fushia in exchange for a written review here and other social media outlets. 

Since receiving my yoga tote I know, without a doubt, that there is no match out there for this bag.
When I opened up the the box, my reaction went a little like this. “Oh wow. Wow. Wooow. Wow. Really? Wow.”  I guess you could say I was a little speechless as I discovered all the pouches, pockets, and hiding places all included in one product.  Pretty sure there are more pockets than I have even discovered yet. While this may seem overwhelming, it is awesome for those of us who need to store things like phones, watches, fuel, water, and 123863846234 others in our gym bags.

My favorite part is definitely the separate section for my shoes.  I always hate packing a gym bag and being forced to put my shoes at the bottom because we all know putting them on TOP is a pretty unsanitary situation. My Apera bag is the perfect solution.

Next up is the super sweet “washables” bag that is included with my Apera bag. There is nothing worse than having under garments floating around in your bag for everyone to see, right? No more! When you change to your workout clothes, you can put your dirty laundry in this little bag and tuck it away for later.

I could seriously go on and on about this Apera bag. The fabric is great quality- comfortable to the touch, but still offer antimicrobial protection. Certain areas are also made out of a breathable mesh so you don’t get a smelly gym bag. Another very impressive aspect of the Apera bag is the strap. While this may seem like something super silly to point out, I will anyway. The strap, unlike others, is soft and really did not dig into or scratch my skin like other cheaply made straps. This makes me so happy.

The design of this particular bag unique in that my yoga mat slides right on in and has a secure home within the top of the bag itself. No more trying to juggle a million things PLUS a yoga mat when going to a class. 

Bottom line is- I love my Apera bag. I currently don’t have the need too often for a bag to stash my workout clothes, but this is changing next week. I will finally be working “normal hours” and plan to have many a run/workout after work - solo and with company.  I will always pack my gear in this beautiful Apera bag, change after work and take off J

While I am not doing a specific giveaway for readers here, Apera Bags does a monthly drawing based off of their newsletter subscriber lists. For your chance to win, go on over and sign up for their newsletter! Also, for the month of May they are selling their BLUE line of bags (including the yoga tote seen here) for 40% off as well as their Duffel packs for 40%. What an awesome deal.

Do you have a favorite gym bag?? Is it functional enough to meet your needs?

**I was given this product for the purpose of my review only. All views are solely my own. I was not given anything in exchange for this review other than the product to try.**


  1. Super cute bag! I actually just got a new ThirtyOne gym bag and I was totally skeptical, but it has proven to be an awesome bag! It has so many pockets and a handy slot for my yoga mat on the side! It's funny how seriously all us fitness fanatics take our gym bags:)

  2. Oddly enough I had actually ordered one of those before working with Apera- after I recieved the Apera bag I decided I would give the 31 bag to my mom for mother's day. She is also a big workout person and LOVED it. I do like the quality of this bag more than the 31 but they are both very functional!


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