4th weekend 10k

Finally getting a chance to get on and write a quick little something on my race from last weekend. This is the second year I headed to Carlisle to run this 10k. You see, it works perfectly for my summer training needs for my fall aspirations. What's better than running with a bunch of people for your long run of the week? Yea, nothing.

It was MUCH more pleasant this year than last. The weather was seriously over 15 degrees cooler (not exaggerating at all!) and gorgeous for a run. Plus, this year I had an accomplice who kept my pace steady and she and her little guy entertained us a little as well. I like doing this run since it goes through some nice neighborhoods of Carlisle, is pretty shady, and also somewhat flat.

The official race results seem to be no where to be found just yet, but by my watch we finished 6 miles in 58:34 which is good enough for me. I got some water then headed out for 1 more mile to get my training miles completed. Emily is training for the Bird in Hand half as well that I am doing in September.. also a training run for the bigger marathon event (still really weird). It fit perfectly in there and I am so excited to run with Emily as it will be her first. 

Did you race during the holiday weekend? Or enjoy a nice long run? 


  1. you're going to rock the BIH Half and Harrisburg Full! Thanks for sharing +jodi!


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