Training update

Once again, I should have blogged right away Saturday. Maybe by the end of this crazy marathon, I will face the facts of myself and do it then because otherwise.. well it's Wednesday night.

This week (well really last week.. see why this writing on Wednesday thing is a bad idea?) was a fall back week so it was "just" 6 miles.

Let me back up a minute. Thursday I decided to go back to my OLD shoes because the pain in my ankle/side of the my leg was just not going away. I wanted to do a little not-so-very-scientific experiment to see what would happen if I went back to them. Thursday I ran a very very slow 5 miles and it actually felt pretty good. Saturday I did the same. I ran a pretty darn slow 6, but it was 6 miles and that is all that mattered.

Since I needed 6, I skipped the river route and ran into New Cumberland and actually ran into my half marathon partner in crime, Emily. We were on opposite sides of the road and both shouted that we got  a late start.. great minds... procrastinate alike?

It was slower than any 6 miler I think I have done in my life.. but some days you just have be thankful to run. 

Back to the shoe issue.. I called the running store where I bought them.. told them the issue and they agreed for me to stop back in with them to see what else might work better.

Needless to say I left with these beautiful Brooks

These shoes are more flexible that the Asics I had bought and I think they are a much better fit. I ran 6 miles last night in them with much less pain during and after. My muscles are undeniably tight, but I am so happy I am finally able to amp up my running to where it should be. 

My VERY happy face after a great 6 miles with River Runners last night. I ran with a friend I have known a little over a year as well as an older man that I just met last night but was great to talk to!
I continue to amaze myself with how social running has made me. I mean I became more social in college... but this is getting ridiculous :) 

Have you ever had shoe issues??


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