A long run with Solemates

Yesterday I had 11 miles on the schedule which is the longest I have run since my half! It is kind of weird how excited I was to go this distance.

On the schedule for the training team was 8 miles as their designated race is the Harrisburg Half scheduled September 7th (the day after my Bird in Hand half). And no, I am not running both! If I wasn't training for my first Marathon, I might have considered it but not this time.

Anyway, we met at 6:30am on City Island (popular meeting spot), did introductions, then took off on our merry way. I was super excited that 2 ladies (Adrienne and Shawna)  I knew from the past were there and needed to take a slower pace. After my annoying ankle pain returning on Thursday, I wanted to take it slower but still get in my distance. It was nice to see these Adrienne and Shawna as its has been quite a long time since I got to run with either of them. Plus, it is always fun to share stories and catch up WHILE getting our sweat/run on.

We toured a beautiful part of the Harrisburg Greenbelt that I have only run on once. It was a little muggy but since it was early the sun wasn't out too much and it wasn't super warm yet. I completed the 8 miles with my ladies and then kept going to round out my 11. I was trying to get the miles done ASAP because there was a 5k getting ready to start on the island. Funny enough, on one of my laps through the area I was asked where sign up was! I apologized and told them that I wasn't sure, but assumed it was just around the corner :) I fueled for my run using my Energybits and tried out something new Pocketfuel Naturals. More info to come on Pocketfuel as I try their different products (they sent me some samples for review so stay tuned!)

Gilly, of Girls on the Run  of my area, had an awesome breakfast awaiting us at the end of our miles.. it was amazing! Baked oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, chocolate milk- a runner's dream!!!

After I had my share of the amazing food, I headed to the farmers market... got a few weird looks and probably didn't smell too pleasant, but I didn't care too much.

I most definitely couldn't pass up stopping on the way back home, and wasn't going back out after a shower. 

Needless to say, although I was hesitant to get up SO early to run with this group but I am so happy that I did. I am raising money with Solemates to help support GOTR and all the good they do to help support strong, happy, healthy girls. Please consider donating here!

Thank you for your consideration :)

Any fun stories about your long run this weekend?


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